This is Kazuhiro here, CEO of VIBBIDI, the simplest video editing app. We are e-mailing you because we read your tweets and thought that you might be someone who would be interested in new technologies and apps.

Our mission is to become the platform for gathering stunning videos from all over the world. The official release is scheduled at the end of September, and starting this month, we have been sending early exclusive invitations to selected users who are posting magnificent tweets!

We believe that this community of first stage users are the ones who will ultimately determine the quality of our product. So, we're obviously particular about the quality of the initial community and the invitees are carefully selected. We would definitely like a fantastic user like you to join us in creating the most breathtaking video platform in the world!

VIBBID is the simplest app to edit and create beautiful videos and share it to Instagram and Twitter! Top influential creators from 100 different countries have already joined us, and I'm sure you will definitely be able to obtain inspiration from watching their gorgeous videos!

Please download the app from here to begin your trial. Now, and later when we make our official release, this app will be completely free of charge!

Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions. I hope you will enjoy the beautiful videos on VIBBIDI!

Best Regards,
Kaz Naya

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