This is Kazuhiro, CEO and Founder of VIBBIDI, home of the simplest video editing app. I'm contacting you because I read your tweet and thought that you might be someone who is interested in the latest apps and technologies.

VIBBIDI aims to be the app platform for collecting stunning short videos from around the world. The official release is planned for late November. This month we began sending early invitations to selected users based on their tweets.

We have taken great care in ensuring a certain level of quality for our initial invitations, limiting them to only a carefully hand-picked group of users. Why? We believe that it is the earliest users that develop a community and determine the quality of a product. We would definitely like a fantastic user like you to join us in creating the most gorgeous short video app platform in the world!

With VIBBIDI, it's easy to edit videos to create beautiful videos. It is the optimal application for submitting videos to Twitter and Instagram! Many influential IG/Twitter users from over 150 countries across the world have already joined, and you can gain a lot of inspiration by viewing their videos on VIBBIDI!

Download the app on the App Store by searching "VIBBIDI". It is free, and it will continue to be free after the official release at the end of November!

If anything is unclear, or if you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us! We at VIBBIDI are looking forward to see your breathtaking short videos!

Thank you!

In case you do not wish to receive anymore messages, please reply and include "Unsubscribe".

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